My wife, Tausha, and I have been married for over twenty years.  We have three awesome children:  Ethan, 19; Lindsay 18; and Emma, 5. All of us have resided in southern Jefferson County all our lives, and District 15, specifically Oakdale, for over 18 years.  I am a certified human resources professional. 



  • Proud graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park High School, 1986
  • Graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park Vocational School, 1986
  • Associates in Arts, Jefferson Community and Technical College, 1990
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Minor/History, University of Louisville, 1993
  • Master of Public Administration, concentration in labor and public management, University of Louisville, 1996



  • Elected shop steward for Teamsters, Local 89, representing as many as 1,200 bargaining unit members at UPS (walked a picket line in 1997 to win dependent health coverage for workers/single mothers)
  • Served many years as a poll worker for Jefferson County Board of Elections.
  • Elected to Staff Senate at the University of Louisville
  • Served a brief time on the Oakdale Neighborhood Association
  • Elected as a parent representative for the Site Based Decision Making council (SBDM) at Lyman Johnson Traditional Middle School
  • Appointed as parent representative for advisory boards at Seneca and Southern High School. 
  • Candidate for Jefferson County School Board, District 5, 2014

Why I am running for office?


I'm running for office because I see the needs of our district and the neglect our district by the establishment.  We severely lack commercial investment (retail, banks, jobs, etc.), as well as capital investment (paving, lighting, neighborhood entries, etc.).  Businesses will not locate to our district because of the crime, drugs and high insurance rates.  We have the highest death by overdose rate in the area.  And, even the press has finally caught on to the negligence of the establishment, which my opponent is accessory.  

I shall change that.  

Our property values are stagnant.  Increasing property values is one my my primary goals.  I will strongly push for enforcement of our existing laws to protect all of my friends and neighbors from drug dealers and other criminals that put our families and children at risk.    I am not afraid to stand up an establishment that has punished our district for decades.  The only time you see them is around Derby and Election Day.  

The establishment candidate, my opponent, will come to you promising the world, insisting they are the party and candidate for the poor and working people, and demonizing everyone against them.  That is a lie.  My record attests that I stand for working people, families and service.  The used drug needles, decaying properties, depressed property values and lack of investment are a testament to my opponent's record and  "experience."  We deserve better!  

They will race bait. They will party bait.  They will try to pit people against each other and use the same ol' tactics they have used for decades.  They will promise programs instead of progress, entitlement instead of employment, worthless regulation instead of results, and demonizing as a distraction to their failure.  We must remember that this race is about us, and how wonderful our district can be if we work together to take a new direction, for us!    Look at what they have done, their failure for generations. What would give you the idea that they could offer anything new?  We deserve better, and I shall deliver a better future for our district.  

How to I vote for Richard Brown?

If you have not already registered to vote, please use this web form to register:

Where to I vote?

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The Platform

Investment and Jobs

Our district is home to Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.  Click here to read more about Richard's bold vision for our district. 


Mayor Fischer said his plan to address our opioid epidemic will take two years.  We don't have two years!  Read what Richard will do to protect all of our citizens, starting on day one in office.

Community and Property

Our neighborhoods have never experienced a full sense of community, because of failed central leadership and lack of investment.  So many feel forgotten.  Richard will change that.


This election is of paramount importance.  Even if you do not live in District 15, this election will have consequences region-wide. Signs, mailings, media ads and even this web site have significant costs.  Will you invest in this important mission today to save our neighborhoods, and our city?

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