An area so close to one of the finest urban park settings deserves better.  We must preserve property values by addressing heroin and the lack of commercial investment.

4th Street

Between a proposed multi-million dollar student housing tower, Churchill Downs and two stadiums, I promise to make this the next "hot spot" for us and our city.


We must preserve property values and home ownership. Crums and Manslick Road greatly needs to be rehabilitated to offer more to for a wonderful community.


We need a Target, Olive Garden, and other commercial outlets, especially in the Hazelwood area, near the expressway.  We work hard; we have money to spend; our people are the best.  We deserve much, much better!


The District 15 sections of I-264 and I-65 need to set a tone to our neighbors and our visitors of something and somewhere special, with painted barriers, new signing, lighting, and maintained medians. We deserve it!

Lucky Horseshoe

Situated at the doorstep of Churchill Downs, we must work together to increase property values, violent crime, and greatly improve commercial investment in the areas around Lucky Horseshoe. 


A very large neighborhood, without an organized neighborhood association.  I will change that.  I will personally recruit and see that Jacobs gets the representation that it deserves!


Sitting just north of Iroquois Park, and west of Iroquois High School, this area is ready for a renaissance.  I will work diligently to improve property values and a new day for this neighborhood. 

St. Josephs

At the northern end of our district, a recent report showed property values slipping. This must not happen!  I will labor to protect property values of this proud and beautiful neighborhood.


The home of my family and me for almost two decades.  My friends and neighbors have been so good to my family.  We are good people, but our leaders have forgotten us, all off.  We must have better, for all of us.!


Home of Mother of Sorrows Church, on the north east end of our district, sitting just north of the fairgrounds, I will work with you to preserve and improve property values, safety, and always listen to residents.


The sign out front claims the 6th largest facility in the US, but Philips Lane has more pot holes than hotel rooms; zero restaurants for our visitors and zero jobs for our residents. Our city and commonwealth deserves better! .

Longfield Avenue

As the entry way to one of the largest international sporting and social events, Longfield Avenue must be rehabilitated as a grand parkway.  Our leaders have ignored this northern border of Oakdale for way too long.

Wilder Park

Wilder Park is a unique, with two Kroger stores, and a very beautiful Second Street and Huston Quin Park. There is much still to do, and I will work with the neighborhood association to make those fixes happen.

University of Louisville

I will work closely with the University of Louisville to address any of their concerns, and will champion development of the 4th Street corridor that will benefit UofL students as well as visitors and residents.

Churchill Downs

Derby week is always exciting.  I look forward to working with Churchill Downs on Longfield improvements, and other projects that will enhance the surrounding neighborhoods, mutually. 


Arcadia Apartments, lack of quality commercial development along 7th Street Road and Taylor Boulevard, drugs and crime will all addressed once I am in office. Better days are ahead!


Around Seelbach Ave and the Teamsters Local 89, building on the north west corner of Beechmont is part of the 15th District. You are not forgotten.