False excuses for not voting for Richard Brown

"Republicans are for the rich."

Not true.  I am not a wealthy person; I did not come from money.  I have been continuously employed for over 30 years.  I have lived west of I-65 all of my life.  I was raised by a single, widowed mother after the death of my father when I was 4 years old.  My mother taught me to be self-reliant and responsible.  I am a Republican because I strongly believe in the literal interpretation of the Constitution and I am pro-life: every single life that God has created.  I want to see an end to the murders and opioid crisis that hangs over our district.

"Republicans are bigots."

Absolutely false.  My wife and I were raised with the belief, and we have taught our children, that God has no favorites.  I do not have time nor tolerance for bigotry, in any shape or form, nor shall I engage in any race-baiting or "phobic" conversations that  divides and belittles.  I want to talk about issues that directly face our district and our city.  

"I've always voted Democrat."

I was once a Democrat, until July, 2000.  Then, I realized:  the Democrat party has left me.

This is not the Democratic Party of Harry Truman or Robert Kennedy.  RFK loathed gangsters, and would have never supported a needle give away program that subsidized drug dealers by lowering the cost of addiction.   Buying drugs from a street dealer supports organized crime and persons that would kill you, your children, and mine.  

This district is a diverse collection of good, hard-working people.  I love my neighbors and my district.  But, look at the condition of our district.  Look at the crime, decay, needles, and apathy our local leaders show us.   

Example:  The Derby parking plan: they brought it to neighborhoods four to six weeks before the Derby, without a single thought of our concerns.  They met with us, after the fact, only because so many folks complained at the Oakdale Neighborhood Association meeting.  Officials should have met with us months before the Derby, if they really cared about our opinions.   

Another Example:  Too many people have died trying to cross Taylor Boulevard, yet the city is exploring a multi-million dollar plan to fix Bardstown Road.  Again, our district is overlooked.    

There are no Target stores west of I-65, and the number of stores west of I-65 open 24 hours, or just open late, is dwindling.   Lawlessness, crime, drugs, theft, and insurance rates are making it hard for business to operate.  Yet, the mayor and his council plan to develop large land areas in eastern Jefferson County over the next 20 years.  They have no real plans for our district. 

If you want change, only you can make that change.   We need more than just a different face with the same answers.  We need a new direction.  

"Your opponent has experience."

Drive by the vacant properties, closed businesses, prostitutes, and the same person you met last week outside the dollar store asking for some change because they ran out of gas, again.  That's just some of my opponent's experience.  We do not have a Target, Olive Garden or any nice amenities in District 15.  We deserve better than my opponents experience.  

"Republicans are misogynists."

Ridiculous.  My opponent's current campaign treasurer, and both councilpersons he served under, are on record supporting the former District 21 councilperson after the Courier-Journal reported that he had acted inappropriately.  

He was eventually removed from office, but not by the full council.   

My opponent will not disavow those that enable sexual harassment.  As a certified human resources professional, I shall never stand for any level or type of harassment. 


Give Me One Reason...

Give me one reason why you will not vote for me, and I'll give you two reasons why you should.  rbrown0270@gmail.com.