River City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 614

FOP Lodge 614 represents LMPD officers.  They know that Richard Brown supports them as they work hard to protect us.  Richard Brown is also on record in support of binding arbitration to settle grievances.  My opponent has no comment on the subject.  He will not stand up for working people.  

Richard Brown is a currently a certified human resources professional, holding a Masters of Public Administration degree, studying under the late Carrie Donald, JD, at the University of Louisville.  He is also a former Teamster Local 89 union member and steward, possessing years of personnel and collective collective bargaining experience representing hundred of Teamster members on the shop floor.

Richard proudly walked a picket line in 1997 to protect pension benefits, full-time jobs, and gain dependent health coverage for union members.  In 1998, Richard successfully fought a proposed dues increase by the local union. Richard stands up FOR working people. 

Richard is uniquely qualified to work with the many unions that represent thousands of Metro Louisville employees.  Richard Brown is THE working people's candidate.  Richard is the only TRUE union member's candidate.  

Freedom's Heritage Forum

I am proud to be endorsed by the Freedoms Heritage Forum.  I am a proud pro-life, pro-constitution candidate.   I support the 2nd Amendment.  I value all human life and shall labor diligently to stop the murders, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and all other crime in our district.  I will never support an increase in taxes in Metro Louisville, and will require an audit of MSD before I would approve any rate increase.