Individual Issues


Enough is enough!  We deserve the same safe neighborhoods that our current mayor and congressman enjoy.  We need a new police chief.  We need a new mayor.  Even the police rank and file want a new police chief.  Our leadership is a failure; the current approach is a failure and we deserve better.  I will do what is necessary, using every legal means possible, to make our neighborhoods safe for ALL of our citizens.   


The needle "exchange" has been a $1 million failure, with your tax dollars.  We have diabetics that can't get clean syringes, but we give them to addicts to leave in our yards?  STDs and fatal overdoses are on the rise.  Subsidizing drug use with taxpayer dollars defies economic principles by lowering the overall cost of drug use.  This also means a windfall for tax-avoiding, murderous drug dealers and organized crime.   

Even the local news media is catching on.  Wave 3 News ran a story on the needle "exchange" in our area, and what was captured is both shocking and infuriating.

This approach is not compassionate; it's cruel, and it must stop.  With sexually transmitted and blood bourne infections on the rise the failure of this program is more than evident.  It is time to end the program, countywide, or ask a judge to require the needle "exchange" trucks to visit other parts of the city with heroin use, including the Highlands, St. Matthews, Crescent Hill and Fern Creek.  If our Metro Council will not terminate the program, under the 14th Amendment they must share in the burden of this program. 


Prostitutes turn tricks in close proximity to drug dealers.  In the Wilder Park area, "johns" are hitting on teenage girls.  This is wrong.   Prostitution is both a legal and a public health danger.  Also, in some cases, human trafficking or servitude could be a factor.  We must not take a feather-light approach to this crime.  I am willing to take new approaches to rid our neighborhoods of illegal activity that endanger life and property.  


"Sanctuary City" is not an option.  It is not even defined by law.  On the other hand, our police have enough on their hands.  I want our brave men and women of law enforcement to tackle the issues facing our community.  We should cooperate with the federal government where legally required and beneficial to our city.  While I support all of our law enforcement personnel, the job of enforcing immigration policy belongs to the federal government.  

Local Optional Sales Tax

Our current mayor and council spent over $20,000 on a study to explore raising our sales tax in Jefferson County to 7%.  We are already losing residents and businesses.  I shall oppose local optional sales tax initiative.  

Local Insurance Rates

Insurance Rates for residents of District 15 are too high.  We are being punished for a police chief and mayor that is soft on all crime.  I will work with insurance companies to lower are rates. I will work with our law enforcement to reduce crime. I shall work diligently to force a change in leadership for our LMPD to better address all of the crime in our area, as well as lean on insurance companies to lower rates in areas populated with higher rates of poor, minorities and single mothers.

Inpoundment Lot

I shall vigorously oppose any attempt to put an impoundment lot in our district, or even near our district.

The answer is already in Kentucky law.  Our current local ordinence requires our city to hold abandoned cars longer than is required by Kentucky law.  Instead of spending more millions, we need to change our local law to match that of the state law allowing abandoned vehicles to be auctioned off at a much faster rate.    And, I will work diligently to have every abandoned vehicle out of our district, whether on the street or in yards, out of our district within 12 months.  Our district is not a junkyard.

Neighborhood Associations

Not every neighborhood has an association.  This has been going on for years under the establishment incumbent.  Hazelwood and Wheatmore are prime examples.  Hats off to my friends in Jacobs for their work to start one.  I will insure every neighborhood has an association, block watches, and the support they need to be successful.  I shall end the apathy and begin the engagement.   

Public Health

Our city and district is in the middle of a public health crisis.  Vagrants are taking over abandoned structures as well as squatting along roadsides and on public sidewalks.  

Where are they using the bathroom?  Answer: the ground.

Allowing vagrants to reside on public lands or illegally in structures without properly without proper plumbing and facilities violates KRS 318!  

I've personally spoken to residents of District 15 who say that Metro Louisville Health Department workers have acknowledged and warned residents to avoid certain properties due to the existence of human feces.  

This is unacceptable, and I will take legal action, if necessary, against the city and private property owners to address this very dangerous and completely unacceptable situation. 

Your Issue

Email me your issue at  I'm not afraid to research it, and provide you with an answer.

Derby Parking

By the end of January, I want to see a full plan on how things will be done differently in 2019.  Part of the plan must be to provide residents near Churchill Downs, in the Lucky Horseshoe, Oakdale, Taylor Berry, Wilder Park and South Louisville neighborhoods access to their homes before, during and after the sporting events.  The Kentucky Derby should not require a state of  emergency so some wealthy folks party; it's a sporting event.  Our people deserve better than to be prisoners in their own homes and treated with such contempt.  They deserve MUCH better.

Code Enforcement

Our neighborhoods, our district, has a code enforcement problem.  It also has a code education problem.  I will spend the first six months of my term working to educate residents on the laws affecting their properties and their legal responsibilities.   I want to see absentee landowners care better for their properties, and will personally go after those that fail in their obligations.   In  Wilder Park, there are squatters living in houses, and human feces in the yards.  I am prepared to take any and all legal means necessary to protect the property values and safety of citizens of District 15.  

My opponent will do the same thing that the current establishment, his campaign manager and current council person, has done:  nothing. 


We have a shortage of banks, barber shops, restaurants, and other establishments that improve the quality of life for our residents.  

Some in the establishment want to put a new vehicle impoundment lot on the old Hazelwood housing site.  I shall chain myself to a fence before I let that happen.  

We have no Target stores west of I-65.  We need jobs; we need commerce.  Commerce improves livability, incomes and property values.  We work hard; we deserve nice things.  Don't you agree?

Trees, Streets and Sidewalks

I want a website showing every street, with a schedule of when that street is to be repaved.  The current system is corrupt, political, damages vehicles, and decreases livability.  We also do not need more bike lanes, especially when then bike lanes are painted on rutted streets. 

I love trees; I agree that we need more.  But, we must prioritize our resources.  We must also not plant trees, or the wrong kind of trees, in areas that will damage infrastructure.  


In the Wheatmore area, off Manslick Road, the city planted the wrong type of tree in too small of a space.  Now, the tree roots have damaged all of the sidewalks and mask light coming from the streetlamps.  it is actually unsafe to use the sidewalks.  They deserve better, and I'm going to help.  

Some streets and neighborhoods have no sidewalks.  I want to work with those areas to make sidewalks happen.  One example is on Longfield Avenue.  

The city heard me talking about how Longfield and Philips Lane were catastrophes.  Also, Churchill Downs is adding more parking and remodeling entrances.  So, the city paved Longfield Avenue.  Thanks!  

The problem:  Longfield still has the same drainage, parking and sidewalk issues.  It's just like the establishment to do the minimum and "pave over" problems in an election year.  As always, we get the minimum.

The residents of Longfield deserve better.  And, since Churchill Downs attracts so many visitors, locally and otherwise, we all deserve better.  

A similar issue exists on Philips Lane in front of our Fairgrounds.  The Fairgrounds claims to be the 6th largest facility of its type, yet the road is chewed up with potholes, no sidewalks, and no restaurants for our visitors.  It's a black eye to our city's leadership.  

We must do better!

Unlicensed Drivers and Vehicles

Unlicensed drivers and vehicles are a dangers to our citizens.  Operators are uninsured, operate recklessly, do not pay taxes on their vehicles, and damage property values.  Accidents involving these operators and vehicles in the area also increase insurance rates for everyone.  This must be stopped before someone is killed.


There are major issues with parking on our streets and around (in) our parks.  This damages our parks, sidewalks, streets, insurance rates and property values.  The current establishment is not addressing these issues.  I am prepared to address these issues with urgency and accountability.  

Vagrancy and Panhandlers

I have empathy for folks that are down on their luck.  Business First reported that there are $15 jobs available, but applicants can't pass drug screenings.  Senior citizens can't go to the grocery or sit on their front porches without aggressive panhandling.  

I will work with business owners to keep these persons (many never lived in Kentucky before but came after the disastrous KY Supreme Court decision) off private property, and ask law enforcement to honor all laws regarding criminal trespass and menacing.  I will pressure our government to honor our local ordinances about camping on public lands.  

I am also prepared to pressure our city to follow the Clean Water Act, prosecuting individuals that expose and relieve themselves in public and on public lands.   IF the city will not honor the Clean Water Act, I am prepared to take the city to court to insure its cooperation.  

Panhandlers are a business, and should be treated as such.  They should require the same permits and licenses of any street vendor.  They can have their free speech, but the government and the people have the power to regulate commerce. No more excuses.  


Business First just reported the highest paid persons on the public payroll in Louisville Metro.  Almost every person on the list was at MSD or the Louisville Water Company.   I shall never agree to any rate increase until MSD undergoes a full financial audit, job performance and salaries of all of its leaders is reviewed, and a full-disclosure 20-year plan is created, in non-technical terms, and made public.

Full Disclosure

I strongly support the full disclosure of every expenditure of every taxpayer dollar, period.  Government, its employees and elected officials have no secrets when it comes to the public treasury.  

Retaliation and Harassment

Harassment, groping or retaliation has no place in our workplaces.  I am a certified human resources professional.  Unlike the current District 15 councilperson, I shall never enable harassment.  Unlike my opponent, I shall always condemn harassment and retaliation.  We have had enough law suits, verdicts and settlements that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.    I shall not put up with it.

Police Headquarters

Our current metro council and mayor voted to prop up the YUM! Center by an additional $2 million a year for 30 years ($60 million) with your tax money.  I feel the primary tenant at the YUM! Center is the University of Louisville Athletic Association, and, as such, they should pick up that amount.

Our brave law enforcement officers of LMPD are working in a condemmed building.  A new police building would cost:  $60 million.

Our city leaders put basketball over public saftey, again.  We Deserve Better.

The Platform

Investment and Jobs

Our district is home to Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.  Click here to read more about Richard's bold vision for our district. 


Mayor Fischer said his plan to address our opioid epidemic will take two years.  We don't have two years!  Read what Richard will do to protect all of our citizens, starting on day one in office.

Community and Property

Our neighborhoods have never experienced a full sense of community, because of failed central leadership and lack of investment.  So many feel forgotten.  Richard will change that.


This election is of paramount importance.  Even if you do not live in District 15, this election will have consequences region-wide. Signs, mailings, media ads and even this web site have significant costs.  Will you invest in this important mission today to save our neighborhoods, and our city?

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