Safe and Drug-Free Neighborhoods, for All!


We have heard of needles scattered all over our district, including stories of children finding and playing with them.

While I empathize with the trials of those directly dealing with substance addition, I also sympathize with of those innocent, law abiding residents that are, too, victims of this plague.  A disease or affliction is not a licence to harm others.  

We have laws on the books to deal with this crisis.  Yet, our leadership chooses to ignore the severity of the epidemic that robs its victims of their lives, while robbing others of livability.   I support our brave women and men of law enforcement, and shall properly address this epidemic, head on.

There are numerous stories about individuals overdosing on heroin, multiple times, requiring Narcan to save their lives.  As a pro-life candidate, I strongly support the efforts of law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to save any life they can, regardless of the circumstances.  They are heroes.  

The problem is that our current laws, which are there for good reasons, are inconsistently enforced.  The laws of the books do not call for incarceration, but treatment on the first two occurrences of procession.  Allowing someone to overdose 10, 15, 20 times in our neighborhoods, while never seeing a drug court or intervention, is wrong to everyone:  addict, family, friends, neighborhood, community, city.

"For a person's first or second offense under this section, he or she may be subject to a period of: 1. Deferred prosecution pursuant to KRS 218A.14151; or 2. Presumptive probation."

The law states that the court is to make that determination.  The law expects that those that are in possession (under the influence, too) of opioids are to be detained, for their own safety, and for the safety of the community.   

That is not happening in Louisville Metro.  I will fight selective enforcement of our laws that damage our neighborhoods and put the lives of our families at risk.  We must stop what I call "revive and release."  Revive, yes. Release: NO!  

That practice is unfair to the addict, because they get no intervention.  Revive and Release is unfair to the community, as it increases crime, increases insurance rates, costs taxpayers thousands of dollars that could be spent for after school programs, destroys property values, increases insecurities of our citizens, deters new home ownership, and rewards drug dealers that would murder our children to protect their illegitimate business.

Enforcing our laws is not draconian; the current bi-partisan anti-drug laws were  signed by a Democrat governor, to protect our law abiding friends, neighbors and our children.  By enforcing existing laws, we encourage investment in our neighborhoods and our district, rewards our law-abiding citizens with prosperity.  And, just as important, safe and drug-free neighborhoods give rehabilitated addicts a neighborhood that offers a real second chance, instead of an environment that encourages a return to  dependence, addiction and possibly death.


While there is no law that requires someone to be gainfully employed, there are existing laws against loitering and trespassing.  Vagrants, drug users, gangs, prostitutes, and panhandlers attract drug dealers (and vice versa), and harm our neighborhoods.  I will work, strongly, with citizens, businesses, land owners and law enforcement to encourage only lawful commerce in our neighborhoods.

Speed Humps

I will actively work with neighborhood associations and residents, directly, to increase the number of streets with speed prohibitive speed humps.  These are crucial elements making our neighborhoods attractive places to live and play, especially for children.  They deter drug and other criminal traffic, lower crime, decrease insurance rates, and help to increase property values.  

Workplace Sexual Harassment

I am a certified human resources professional.  I served as a shop steward on the floor for 1,200 union members.  Sexual harassment does not belong in any workplace, especially among our public officials.  I shall not tolerate harassment of any kind, nor shall I ever vote to protect those that perpetrate harassment.  

Neighborhood Walks and Activities

I want to have those walks and actives in front of known drug houses.  I want to send a very strong, unambiguous message to drug dealers:

We are not intimidated

We will not run

You will be defeated.

Your ideas

Tell me more!  What did I miss?  What do you disagree with?  What do you agree with?  I will do things differently than our current leadership, and their "heir apparent." We deserve better.