The story of a young man from the village Earn hundreds of millions from youtube

This story is an inspiration to us, that nothing is impossible in this world. and this story comes from Indonesia.

Several YouTubers from the Village/Sub-district of Tapen, Bondowoso, never thought that their income by becoming a YouTube activist turned out to be promising.

One of the Youtubers, Imam Januar (34) admitted that initially he was paid Rp. 45 million (Indonesian currency) from filling youtube content. That number continues to grow, from time to time.

After running for about 2 years, it can only be seen. Now it’s around Rp. 250 million per month,” explained a resident of Blank Hamlet, Tapen Village/Sub-district, to us.

Not only him, several youths in the village have also become content creators for YouTube. so the village was dubbed the ‘YouTuber Village’. The results of their YouTube channel content are the same. Tens to hundreds of millions per month

“The results are used in various ways. Starting from buying a car, buying rice fields, for Umrah, and so on, “explained the father of one child.

said Ryan, a resident of Tapen Village. From YouTube, he can pay his parents’ debt of around Rp. 500 million. It can still buy a car.

“Initially, it was only Rp. 2 million. But that number continues to grow. Currently, it is around one hundred million every month,” said this high school dropout in the Tapen area.

Now the response of people in the village is different. If you used to think they were doing pesugihan or keeping tuyul, now you want to know how to make money from YouTube.

Moreover, dozens of youths in Tapen Village have been working as YouTubers. Previously, local youths who had just graduated from high school had the choice to migrate to another city, now they are more empowered by staying at home more.

Many youths in the village now have cars and have goods that can be considered luxurious, for the size of a village. There are also many who perform Umrah and own land to rice fields.