5 How to fix chrome not working on Android

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser application by Internet users today. Calculated from all Android users, Google Chrome is the most used browser and below is UC Browser.

What’s interesting about Google Chrome is that it’s easy to find something because it’s integrated with your Google account. What’s more, Google Chrome is on the beach and is controlled directly by the Google Team so it’s safe and comfortable.

The Google Chrome application is already installed on all Android devices and you probably already know that Google Chrome is a default Android application so it must be on all Android devices regardless of brand.

But unfortunately, the higher Android users who use Google Chrome, of course there are some users who have problems with the application. One of the most common is not being able to open the Google Chrome application.

In addition, there are some users who are also experiencing problems such as an error message that reads “Unfortunately Google Chrome has stopped” or “Unfortunately Google Chrome has stopped”. For more details about this problem, please read the solution below.

Fix Google Chrome Won’t Open

Common causes of application errors are usually full memory or too much history that is not deleted and accumulates on the Internal Card. The browser application is an application that produces a lot of history and cache because it opens page after page too often, be it social media or browsing on Google directly.

To overcome this, there are several methods that you can do. Here are some of them….

1. Clean Android Junk Files

The first method you can do is to clean android junk files. This method is the most effective way to deal with applications that have errors or cannot be opened. You can use cleaner applications such as Clean Master, CCleaner, and others.

Such applications can clean junk files very quickly. in addition to the application, you can also clean junk files manually directly on the Google Chrome application.

Go to Settings menu » Additional Settings » Application Management » Search for “Google Chrome” » Then tap “Clear Cache”.

2. Clear Web Search History

If you can still open the Google Chrome application but errors often occur, then try to clear the history or search history of Google Chrome.

Most likely, Searches that have not been deleted for weeks or even months make the application slow, crash, frequent errors, difficult to download, error messages appear, and others. To clear search history

Open the Google Chrome app » Right Tap » History » Clear Explorer Data » and to delete it, you just tap “Clear Data”.

3. Force and Clear Google Chrome Data

For the third method you can do that is to force stop the application and delete the Google Chrome application data. This method will make the application return to its default position and all settings will be deleted.

All Google Chrome data such as database, login data, bookmarks, cache, and history will be lost permanently. Not only on Google Chrome, you can also apply this method to other applications when an error occurs.

Go to Settings menu » Additional Settings » Application Management » Search for “Google Chrome” » Then tap “Force Stop” and “Clear Data”.

4. Update Google Chrome

The fourth method you can do is to update the Google Chrome application to the latest version. This method will eliminate any bugs or crashes in Google Chrome. What’s more, you will also get the latest features of Google Chrome.

To do this, you just enter the Google Play Store, then you search for and update the Google Chrome application.

Go to Google Play Store » My Apps & Games » Open “Google Chrome” » Then tap “Update” to update.

5. Turn off, Remove SIM Card, SD Card Android

After all the methods above you have done, it would be nice for you to turn off your Android smartphone, followed by removing the SIM Card and SD Card. Wait a few moments so that no power enters the Android. After that, try to reinstall and turn on your Android.

Hopefully with this your Google Chrome can be used again.

To avoid errors in the application, it would be nice if you also regularly clean junk files with Cleaner applications such as Clean Master, CCleaner, CM Booster, and others. Such an application is able to clean garbage with one tap, it feels easier and faster.

That’s a brief review on how to solve the google chrome error, hopefully it can be helpful and useful. If there is something you want to ask or convey, please write it in the comments column below.

Thank you and good luck!!

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