How to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing

If you are bothered by getting messages or calls from other people, WhatsApp users can use the Block feature to block the contact in question.

The blocking feature was created by WhatsApp to provide a sense of security and comfort for its users. This feature allows users to block messages from unknown contacts, chat spam, or other reasons.

In addition to blocking, you can also report and block the number if it is considered that the message sent is disturbing. People whose numbers are blocked will also not immediately know that they have been blocked. Thus, the blocked contact number will not be able to send messages or make calls to WhatsApp users who feel disturbed.

However, not all users are aware that they have been blocked. Because, WhatsApp contact blocking occurs silently, without any notification at all. Summarized from various sources, there are several ways to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing it.

  1. Delete Last Seen

Delete Last Seen First of all, you need to delete certain contacts from your phone. Then simply, go to Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy and delete Last Seen to My Contacts.

  1. Hide Profile Photo

If you want to hide your profile photo from anyone other than your friends, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo and set it to “My Contacts”. Now only saved contacts can see your profile photo. Method

  1. Hide Status

WhatsApp status is one way to share your personal thoughts. But if you get annoyed by someone constantly poking the same thing, you can also hide your status in the same way as mentioned above.

  1. Uncheck Blue

Double blue tick is one of WhatsApp’s newest feature where you can know when your recipient reads a message. But, sometimes this feature can be a reason for irritation when you don’t want to reply but you are constantly pinged. Then go to Settings > Account > Privacy and uncheck ‘Read receipts’. But also note that this way you won’t be able to see when someone else is reading your message.

  1. Block those contact details from your phone

Blocking this contact is the final step. Go to Menu Key > Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts. Then click the Add icon at the top right and select the contact to block. This way the person will never see your activity on WhatsApp. It should be noted that the first and second indicators mentioned above do not necessarily indicate whether you are blocking someone or not. Because, time markers (Last Seen) and empty profile photos can be done by anyone who deliberately applies them.

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