How to Change Phone Number on Tiktok Easily

Are you looking for a way to change the phone number on tiktok, is your phone number still there or lost or inactive? You have come to the right article, because here I will discuss it.

Tiktok is a short video app that is now popular on social media. This application is indeed interesting and very easy to use by various groups who want to make short videos.

In this application, users can upload short videos in the style they like. Users can edit videos by using filters. Users can even use filters to be a girl on trending Tiktok.

How to Change Phone Number on Tiktok

Like applications in general, to be able to register on this application, users can register using a phone number or social media account.

So, how do you change a phone number on Tiktok that is still there or inactive or lost? Check out the complete guide to changing phone numbers on Tiktok below.

How to Change Phone Number on Tiktok

For those of you who want to change the phone number on your Tiktok account because you have changed the phone number. You can do it very easily. Here’s the complete guide.

  1. The first step is to open the Tiktok application on your phone
  2. Then, on the main page, select the My menu
  3. Tap the settings option with the three-dot icon in the app
  4. Then select the Manage Account menu, tap Phone Number
  5. Click the phone number, then click Send Code
  6. Enter the new number, then click the Send Code button again
  7. After that, your number will be changed successfully.

Keep in mind once again that the method above only applies to numbers that are still active. If the number you are using is lost or no longer active, you can try using the following methods.

How to change your number on TikTok if you forgot your old one

The old phone number associated with your Tiktok account is lost or forgot. No need to panic because you can use the following method to change it, see the following method.

  1. Open the Tiktok app on your phone
  2. Then, go to My menu
  3. After that, click on the three-dot icon on the app
  4. After that, swipe the screen to the bottom
  5. Select the Support menu, then select Report a Problem
  6. In the description, enter the problem you are experiencing, in this context it is about a missing or active number. Then you explain in the description
  7. Upload a photo to add evidence, then click Report
  8. Done, just waiting for a reply from Tiktok.

After you send a problem report to change the cellphone number on your Tiktok account that is inactive or lost, you only need to wait for a reply from Tiktok for 1 × 24 working hours.

In addition to using the methods above, you can also try to contact Tiktok at the email address [email protected] or visit the Tiktok support page at

You can do the above method if the card or phone number you are using has been lost or is no longer active. But if the phone number still exists, you can use the first method.

How easy is it to change your phone number on Tiktok? both existing and lost or inactive cell phone numbers. Thus, you can safely access your Tiktok account using your phone number.

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