How to empty trash on android phone

Junk files are files stored in the smartphone memory that keep piling up but are of no use. These junk files or junk files are collected in the trash folder on Android. So it will make the phone slow and not work optimally. Therefore we need a way to clean android junk files without an application so that the phone works quickly and optimally again.

How to get rid of junk files on Android can be done manually or using a junk file cleaner application. Using the best lightweight Android junk cleaner can be done if the manual method is no longer satisfactory. Well this time I will discuss how to clean Android trash that can be used to delete the Asus, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Android trash folders in general.

How to Clean Junk Files

How to clean android junk files without an application can be done in several ways. You can choose how to clean trash on Android below according to the condition of your smartphone. But I recommend using how to delete junk files on android in order from number one. This is because I have adjusted it to delete the most junk files first.

1. How to Clean Whatsapp Junk Files

Do you use the Whatsapp application? This very useful application for communication actually saves a lot of junk files. But we can’t say that this is a garbage application because in fact it has many benefits. It’s just that we have to know how to clean android junk files without an application from Whatsapp.

There are various kinds of junk files stored by the Whatsapp Application. Examples are daily backup files for seven days, Media files sent, File status and File Backups. Cleaning this garbage can make your memory very loose and can grow up to 1GB if you never clean it.

How to view junk files on android for the Whatsapp application you can do in the File Manager application. After that, open the Internal memory and external memory (SD Card) section. Then open the Whatsapp folder. Now, how to clean junk files on Android can’t be done right away because usually trash is hidden.

First click the three dots in the lower right corner (Menu) then click ‘Show hidden files’. Then a new folder will appear that was not visible before.

How to clean junk files on Android you can do by deleting the useless files earlier. In the media folder you can delete the ‘Sent’ folder, which is all files that you have sent to other people. This file never shows up in the gallery so you don’t know. In the Database folder you can delete 6 files which are files from six days ago. You can delete files from the oldest date to yesterday’s date. If the date is not today, it’s a function to restore all your chats if Whatsapp has an error.

Then no less important to delete is the Backups and .Status folders. The .Status folder contains your friend’s whatsapp status that you have seen. It’s really trash if everything is stored, so it’s better to delete it.

But unfortunately, how to delete trash on Android sometimes can’t be done right away. You sometimes have to connect it to a laptop.

2. Remove Junk Files From Gallery Without Delete Photos

It doesn’t feel like the number one method has been very long haha. Well, straight to the second, which is how to clean android junk files without an application in the photo gallery. How to clean trash on Android is not done directly in the gallery, but in the DCIM folder in the file manager.

Did you know that every time you view photos and videos in your phone gallery, your smartphone actually creates a new file? Yes, the image or video shown to you is not the actual file. Why? This has to do with being too big. So finally the phone creates a Thumbnail (Small thumbnail) that is displayed to us.

You can do this by going to File Manager and then going to the ‘DCIM’ folder. You’ll see your photo and video files there, including the ‘.Thumbnail’ folder. The way to clean junk on your cellphone because this folder is to delete it directly. This can be a way to clean android junk files without an application because it is very easy.

3. Clear Each App’s Cache

If the two above are trash folders on Android, now how to see trash files on Android that are not visible. Cache is a file that is often called a cache file. This file is a kind of record or travel marker from the use of an application. So if you want to use the application, then quickly open it because you already know the way. And how to clean junk files on Android is the most often recommended.

For me, I put this method of cleaning trash on Android in third place. This is because if you clear the Android cache it can cause application loading to be slower and quite detrimental, right?

How to delete junk files on android which is a way to delete cache files for each application is easy to do. You can go to settings then select the Applications tab, then open which application you want to clear the cache. Then once opened, the way to clean the trash on this cellphone is to click ‘Clear Cache’ on each application. The more often the application is used, the cache file will also get bigger.

4. Clear Entire App Cache

In addition to being deleted one by one for each application, how to clean junk files on Android in the form of cache can also be deleted simultaneously. How to delete junk files on android without this application can be done easily. This method of viewing junk files on Android is like no other.

To do how to mass clean Android cache, you can go to settings and then select Storage. Then wait for the system to finish calculating the internal and external memory usage. When finished, a special Cache tab will appear. How to clean junk files on Android is very easy, just click the Cache section. Then after the confirmation appears click Yes or Yes to delete.

How to clean android junk files without this application is easier than the trash folder on android. But the consequence is that the application loading takes longer.

5. Use Junk Cleaner App

Now if the four ways to clean Android junk files without the above application are not enough to satisfy you, try using a junk file remover application. Using a junk remover app is very easy to use and quite effective. Actually this android automatic junk cleaner has almost the same function, but usually it can clean hidden junk files.

But you have to look for the lightest and most powerful Android junk cleaner application. Don’t even download a heavy garbage cleaning application and increase RAM and internal memory performance. In addition, also choose an android junk cleaner application without root so as not to damage the phone.

Those were five ways to clean trash on Android phones. You can choose how to clean android junk files without an application or using an application. If you use a junk file cleaner app, choose the best android junk cleaner. Android junk files can overload RAM and internal memory, causing the phone to slow down. You can apply this method to any cellphone such as the Asus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Oppo trash folder and so on.

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