How to get back your instagram account after temporarily disabled

Wondering how to get your Instagram account back after being temporarily disabled? At, you will find the solution.

Accounts that are locked, blocked, or temporarily disabled by either you or Instagram can actually be recovered easily.

what is temporary lock on Instagram account

Instagram is a social media platform that offers the fun of various photos and videos. Its users are booming all over the world.

Having an Instagram account is like an obligation right now because you can easily find a variety of information there.

One of the advantages that Instagram has is the easy option to create a new account.

This way, new users will not be confused when using Instagram for the first time.

Instagram accounts can later be arranged in such a way by its users.

One of the interesting things, you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account.

Yes, the option to lock or deactivate an Instagram account will make the account disappear.

No need to be afraid, your Instagram account can be returned later.

This option is presented by Instagram to its users.

Because it can be easily restored, many Instagram users then try the temporary lock account option.

Reasons to lock Instagram Account Temporarily

Locking or deactivating your own Instagram account has become commonplace nowadays. We know it as a “deact account”.

As a fun social media platform, Instagram is also not free from negative impacts in addition to positive impacts.

Of course there is a reason why someone decides to temporarily lock their Instagram account. Did you consider it?

If some of the reasons below are relevant, it never hurts to temporarily lock your Instagram account:

  1. Instagram is addictive

The variety of interesting posts that can be found easily on Instagram often makes users addicted to it so they lose track of time.

Don’t want to cross your social media usage limit, temporarily deactivating your Instagram account can help.

  1. Want to disappear from a certain person

Instagram with personal life is closely related.

You can easily share moments with your closest people and also interact with them.

Had a bad experience with someone on Instagram lately?

Disconnecting by temporarily disabling the account could not hurt to try.

  1. Bored with Instagram

The boredom phase has certainly been experienced by everyone, including surfing on social media.

Feeling bored with Instagram? You can deactivate your account and then restore it at any time.

In many cases, there are also users who find their Instagram account locked or temporarily blocked not by themselves but by Instagram.

So, what causes it?

Causes of Account Locked Temporarily By Instagram

An Instagram account that is temporarily locked by Instagram is a fairly complicated problem for many users who experience it.

Blocking user accounts by Instagram is certainly not without reason. User activity has a big hand here.

Are you one of the users who experienced an account locked or blocked by Instagram?

If so, there’s no need to worry because your account can still be recovered.

Before that, first know the reason why the account is temporarily locked by Instagram. Check below!

  1. Too often follow other accounts at the same time

Even though it’s trivial, following or following another Instagram account that is done intensely at the same time has the potential to make your account temporarily locked by Instagram.

  1. Accounts get reports from other users

Certain activities that can harm other users so that your Instagram account gets a report are considered by Instagram to temporarily lock your account.

  1. Share posts containing violence and adult content

Sensitive content such as violence and adult content is strictly prohibited by Instagram and is one of its policies.

  1. There have been multiple login attempts

Multiple failed logins are an indication of suspicious activity on your account.

If you have this, usually Instagram will “freeze” the account for a while.

If violated, it is not impossible that Instagram will temporarily lock your account.

The Easiest Way to Restore a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account

According to the notification, it is temporarily locked, this means you can recover your locked Instagram account at any time.

It’s a different story if the account is locked or permanently blocked where you can’t recover it anymore.

Well, even if it’s locked, it’s pretty easy to recover.

On this occasion we have several ways to restore a temporarily locked Instagram account so that later the account can be used as usual.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to restore an Instagram account that was previously temporarily locked:

  1. Open and run the Instagram application on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. On the main page of the application, Instagram will ask you to log in to your Instagram account or create a new account.
  3. Since you already have an Instagram account, enter the phone number, username, or email associated with your account in the fields provided.
  4. Don’t forget to enter the password.
  5. Click Log in. Your Instagram account will automatically reactivate.

This method will 100% work on Instagram accounts that were previously deactivated by the owner of the Instagram account itself.

Without the need for additional apps, recovering a temporarily locked account proves easy, doesn’t it?

So, what if you forget the Instagram account password that you have temporarily locked?

Well, please continue to the next tutorial.

How to restore temporarily locked Instagram account because forgot password

Forgetting password is a common problem that many Instagram users face. The existence of a password itself acts as protection for your Instagram account.

Therefore, it is important for you to always remember the password on your Instagram account so as not to experience the problem of failing to login to your Instagram account due to forgetting the password.

Have you ever temporarily locked your Instagram account and wanted to recover it but you forgot the account password?

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to restore an Instagram account that was temporarily locked due to forgetting the password:

  1. Run the Instagram application on your smartphone. Pay attention to the username and password fields then click the Forgot Password option.
  2. This Forgot Password option will redirect you to a page to reset your password.

Choose your preferred password reset method, via email or phone number. If so, click Next.

  1. Wait a few moments until Instagram detects the Instagram account that you want to reset the password for.

Choose where the link to reset the password will be sent. Click Send Incoming Link.

  1. Instagram will automatically send a link to reset the password in the form of an email or a short message, depending on what you chose earlier.
  2. Follow the steps to reset the password. If the password has been changed successfully, log into your Instagram account with the changed password.

Later your Instagram account, which previously failed to login because you forgot your password, will reopen and can be used as before.

That’s how to restore a temporarily locked Instagram account that you can follow.

Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who want to restore an Instagram account that was previously temporarily locked.

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