How to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp

Have you ever felt blocked because your messages on WhatsApp were never answered? It could be that you are blocked. But the difficult thing is to ascertain whether we are really blocked or not.

For WhatsApp users, the ‘Block’ feature has become one of the features used to get rid of annoying contacts or numbers. One of the best things about this block feature is that WhatsApp does not notify anyone of the action.

It’s hard to tell the difference between being ignored and blocked. WhatsApp is deliberately making it difficult for users to know whether they are blocked by other users or not.

However, there are some indicators to know if your WhatsApp is blocked by other users. With these signs, a user can confirm whether he is blocked or not.

Here are 5 steps to find out which WhatsApp has been blocked by someone or another user.

  1. Check Last Seen

‘last seen’ is a status where someone uses WhatsApp. If the status is online on WhatsApp, it means the contact is open WhatsApp and connected to the Internet.

Last seen on WhatsApp refers to the last time a contact used WhatsApp. Through the app’s privacy settings, users can control who can see their ‘last seen’. WhatsApp users should note that they cannot hide online.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to see other users ‘last seen’ such as they may have set their privacy settings to hide this information or conversely you may have set privacy settings not to share ‘last seen’. Finally the absence of ‘last seen’ indicates that you may be blocked.

To be sure again, you can compare the appearance of the ‘Last seen’ of the person indicated to have blocked you on your own WhatsApp with the WhatsApp of others.

Ask your friends to open their WhatsApp, make sure that your friends also have contacts from the person indicated as blocking you. After that see if ‘last seen’ appears or not. If it appears, you are confirmed to have been blocked.

  1. Check the check mark

The WhatsApp blue tick is a great way to find out if your message has been sent and if it has been read. This is also a clue to find out if you have been blocked.

One gray tick means the message has been sent, two gray ticks mean the message has been received and two blue ticks mean the message has been read. If you have been blocked, you will only see one gray tick. That’s because your message will be sent, but WhatsApp will not send it to the contact.

It could be, this might mean that the user has lost their phone or is unable to connect to the Internet. But along with the first step, you can confirm it by comparing through your friend’s WhatsApp.

If your friend gets two gray or blue ticks when sending messages to someone indicated as blocking you, while you still get one tick, it’s confirmed that you’re being blocked.

  1. No Change of Profile Photo

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, their profile will not be updated on your phone. So if they change their profile picture, you will still see the old picture.

However, there are some users who rarely change their profile. So for this kind of user it is difficult to trace using this method. Like the first and second methods, compare the appearance of their profiles from your other friends’ WhatsApp.

  1. Try On the Phone

If you have followed the steps above and find these indications, then there is a high possibility that you have been blocked. But not 100% sure, try a more convincing step again. Now try to make a call be it voice or video calls.

Is it ringing? Or even lifted? I’m well! You haven’t been blocked yet! However, if you don’t even connect, it looks like you are indicated to be blocked. Maybe the user isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data to be able to receive calls, but it could also be that they’re blocking you.

  1. Enter Group

Start by creating a new chat in the form of a group and adding some friends to it. If your friends can be easily included then this is not a problem.

Now try to add the contact indicated as blocking you. If you can add them to the group, it means you haven’t been blocked.

If you get an error message saying that you don’t have authorization to add it, then it is certain that you have been blocked.

While this may be a technical glitch or glitch, if you can add other people while at the same time not being able to see if the suspected blocker is online or can call or message them, then it’s almost certain that you’ve been blocked.

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