How to know if someone saved your number on whatsapp

The development of instant messaging is currently growing so rapidly. This also happened along with the development of computer networks which resulted in many people being able to access the internet freely. Currently, the instant messaging that is being widely used by the public is Whatsapp.

The reason people use Whatsapp is that it is easy to access. By saving a contact number, we can directly contact someone with Whatsapp. In order for our contact name to appear in the WhatsApp application, we need to save the contact. The problem is what about other people? Does he have our contact numbers? If you feel uncomfortable asking this question, you can find out in various ways as follows.

Status can be read

In the latest version of Whatsapp, we can see statuses whose format is almost the same as instastories. To be able to see the status on whatsapp, you can tap on the “status” section. Please note that this status can be seen if both users have saved their respective contact numbers. If you can see other people’s status, then you can be sure that your contact number has been saved.

It is just. to use this status feature can only be seen on the latest version of whatsapp only. if you are still using the old version of whatsapp, then you can’t see it.

Can see profile photo

The second way we can check it by looking at the profile photo of the user we are aiming for. Take a look at his profile picture. If you can see the profile photo and personal data of the intended user. Then you can be sure your number has been saved.

However, this method is greatly influenced by the settings made by the user. If he keeps his contacts private, then you will have a hard time seeing his profile picture even though you have saved his contact number.

Using the broadcast feature

Whatsapp has one feature that you can try, namely “Broadcast” The function of this feature is to share one chat to all contacts on your smartphone. This method is also very powerful to find out whether your number is saved or not in the contact. There are two ways to use the “broadcast” feature, depending on the smartphone you are using. To find out, here’s how:

Iphone Users

  1. The first is to first enter the Whatsapp application.
  2. After that, touch the “Chats” icon next to “Camera” and “Settings”.
  3. Next, touch the word “Broadcast Lists” which is positioned above the left.
  4. Then, touch the “ New List ” section where you will be directed to choose a contact number to send.
  5. Choose the contact number as desired. It’s better to focus on sending broadcast messages to contacts that you think don’t have your contact number.
  6. After selecting the contact number to be sent, then you will be directed to create the message. Click “Create” which is located in the upper right corner.
  7. If so, please type the message according to your wishes. Try to make messages that are not too suspicious and clear. When done, then touch the send button.
  8. After that, wait a few moments until the message is actually sent.
  9. If the message has been sent. The next step is to check the sent messages. Hold on to the sent message until the option appears. If it appears, click the ” info ” section .
  10. This is where you can see if your contact number is saved or not. if the contact name appears in the “Read By” section, then your contact number has been saved. On the other hand, if there is a contact number that appears in “Delivered to” then you can be sure that your contact number is not saved.

Android users

  1. Enter the whatsapp application.
  2. After that, tap the options section that looks like three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Then select “new broadcast” or “new broadcast”.
  4. If you have, you will immediately be directed to select the contact to be sent. In this section, you can choose which contacts you think this broadcast message should be sent to. If you have, all you have to do is click the checklist and you will be directed to the text creation section.
  5. In this section, you just enter the message as you wish. In order not to be suspicious, you better send a message that only tests it. if you have, you just send it
  6. Next, you wait a few moments about a few minutes.
  7. Try to check by holding down the message you sent and then see if someone is on the “Read” list or someone is on the “Delivered” list. If someone enters “Read”, then you can be sure he has saved your contact number. Conversely, if it appears in the “Delivered” list, then your contact is not saved by him.

That’s how to know if someone saved your number on whatsapp easily. Hopefully this article can help.

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