How to stop receiving messages from someone on whatsapp without blocking them

The higher a person’s activity, the more intense the activity of using WhatsApp. There are more and more WhatsApp groups on cellphones.

Well, when the activity of using WhatsApp is increasing, someone sometimes feels bored. Moreover, message traffic on WhatsApp is not very important.

But don’t worry, there are easy tips if you want to stop receiving WhatsApp messages.

Quoted from, there are several social media platforms implementing an easy system to temporarily stop using, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. As users, we can simply sign out of the account without having to delete the application.

Unfortunately, we don’t apply it to WhatsApp. Users cannot arbitrarily enter and exit the account.

WhatsApp itself does not provide a sign out option in its application. This makes us need to think of other tricks so as not to continue to be attached to it.

Until now, there is no special feature to deactivate or log out of a WhatsApp account within a certain time.

However, there is a trick you can do to temporarily stop using WhatsApp on Android devices.

Turning off mobile internet access
The first way is to turn off the internet connection, both from the cellular data itself and the WiFi connection.

It’s easy but the consequence is that you can’t take calls, receive e-mails, or access other applications that require internet access.

The second method is also easy and does not turn off the internet connection. Namely force stop (force stop) WhatsApp on the device.

To do this, users simply enter the phone’s settings menu, then open the “Applications” menu.

After that, select the WhatsApp application. Later, the user will be faced with several options, one of which is “Force Stop”.

Press the button to stop WhatsApp from working.

This method will not affect your other activities, for example on other applications that still require internet.

You can start getting messages again when you open the WhatsApp app.

If the above method doesn’t work, you can choose the option to disable “Background Data” and revoke all app permissions for WhatsApp.

In addition to stopping receiving messages on WhatsApp, there is one other way to secure mental health due to this one social media.

Some time ago WhatsApp updated the Archived Chats feature, aka the updated chat archive. Archive isn’t really a new feature, but the mechanics were changed in the update.

In previous versions, the “Archive” feature was used to hide some private or group chats from appearing on the homepage.

Even if it is hidden, the saved chat will return to the main view or homepage when a new message arrives.

Well, in the new version there is an option to keep chat hidden so that it doesn’t appear again on the homepage, even if there are new messages that come in.

Likewise, new message notifications will not appear on the chat room homepage. This allows users to hide notifications and messages completely without having to block contacts.

The difference from blocking, messages from archived contacts will still be sent, but chats from that person will not appear in the main view so they can be ignored.

Here are the steps:

  • Select which chats you want to hide by clicking and holding the desired chat.
  • Click the “Archive” or “Archived” icon, which is represented by a box with a down arrow.
  • The chat will automatically move to Archived Chats.
  • The hidden “Archive” tab will appear at the top of the list, right before the first chat room.
  • The tab is also marked with the number of chats hidden in the “Archive”
  • Users can set whether they want to keep archived chats even if there are new messages, or return them to the homepage.
  • To do this, open the “Archive” tab, then click the vertical three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Then select “archive settings”.
  • If you want to keep it hidden, simply slide the switch to the right until it turns green, and to the left the other way around.
  • Keep in mind that this option applies to all archived conversations. This means that users cannot choose which messages to return to the homepage.

If a new message appears, you can’t separate the new message and the chat you want to keep hidden.

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