How to report a fake instagram account of me

How to report a fake instagram account of me – If you ever find an Instagram account, online shop scam, or fake account that uses your personal data, such as photos and others. You must immediately report the account so that it is immediately banned by Instagram.

The reason is, the Instagram team itself continues to work to remove all fake and spam accounts on Instagram. Therefore, if you yourself often see Instagram accounts that look like spam accounts, you must report or report the account.

In addition, sometimes there are fake accounts on Instagram that use other people’s photos and videos to falsify data and even commit fraud. That’s the reason why you should also participate in efforts to get rid of fake accounts and spam on Instagram.

Instagram itself also provides a feature to report or report photo and video submissions, profiles, or Instagram accounts that are not in accordance with Instagram policies.

You can also use the report feature to report posts or spam accounts that make you annoyed or even uncomfortable using Instagram social media.

How to Report Spam & Fake Accounts on Instagram

What you need to pay attention to before applying how to report or report spam and fake Instagram accounts on Instagram is that you must have a strong basis and reason to report the account.

Because when you just report an Instagram account without clear evidence and reasons, then your own IG account will be at risk of being banned.

You have to determine whether the post or account is bothering someone or not. For example, spam comments, large numbers of likes in a row, fake accounts, and so on.

1. Report Spam & Fake Posts on Instagram

In this case to report spam IG posts that bother you. Or report posts that violate Instagram policies such as forgery, have elements that violate norms, and so on.

Here’s how to report spam and fake Instagram posts:

  1. Tap on the three-dot icon at the end of the IG post
  2. Then select the Report option.
  3. If it has a spam element, select the This is Spam option.
  4. Meanwhile, if there are other elements, select the This option is inappropriate.
  5. If you choose inappropriate, you must choose the option that matches the problem with the post.

After that, Instagram will check the post you reported whether it is true or not. If it is true, the post will automatically be deleted by Instagram.

Now, you understand how to report annoying Instagram posts. Well, if your problem is to report fake or spam Instagram accounts then please go to the next method below.

2. How to Report a Fake Account to Instagram

The next way to report Instagram accounts is for fake and spam Instagram accounts. If you’ve ever seen a fake Instagram account that uses a name, photo, video, and information similar to yours. So, you must immediately report the account to be deleted or banned by Instagram.

  1. Visit the profile of the Instagram account you want to report.
  2. Please tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Then select the Report option.
  4. If indeed the Instagram account is fake, select the This is inappropriate option.
  5. Select I believe this account violates Instagram’s community guidelines.
  6. Next, select Report account.
  7. Then select This profile pretend to be someone else.
  8. If the fake account is fake yourself, select Me.

Then wait for Instagram to check your report to the Instagram account. This method is quite effective for reporting IG accounts such as online shop fraud and fake accounts.

In addition, this method is also often used to report an incognito Instagram account. If you see an Instagram account impersonating you or someone else, then you can use the method above.

3. How to Report a Spam Account on Instagram

In the third case, if your post contains spam comments such as promotions or selling products that are annoying and have nothing to do with the post.

Or even you can also report comments that violate norms such as hate speech, harassment, containing adult elements, and so on.

  1. Open the post from the comment you want to report.
  2. Then select the comment you want.
  3. Tap the exclamation mark at the top right.
  4. Select Spam if the comment is indeed spam.
  5. Or select Infringing content if the comment is disturbing because it contains something else.

If the comments in your post have a lot of spam, so you can’t report them one by one. Then you are advised to use the comment block feature on Instagram so that it can be deleted automatically.

Do not hesitate to report or report Instagram accounts that are indeed spam, fake, or violate policies so that they are immediately deleted or banned by Instagram.

There are several ways to report an Instagram account, starting from spam and fake posts, accounts, and comments that annoy you when playing Instagram. Good luck!

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