What is hidden cache android & How to Delete it

When you get a full memory notification on Android, it certainly doesn’t feel comfortable.

Moreover, the notification cannot be removed and will always appear when we are operating Android.

We can increase the memory capacity of Android with an external microSD.

However, what if the microSD storage was full? Or maybe the android that we use doesn’t have the feature to add a microSD?

One of the things that makes Android memory full is cache data that is not deleted.

Well, this time we will discuss how to clear hidden cache on Android.

Come on, see the guide below!

How To Clear Hidden Cache?

To clear the cache from the application, we need to open the settings option, then look for storage or storage on our android.

Next, select apps, and we will find a list of apps that we have.

We can also choose an application by clicking on the application name from the list that was already visible.

Then we can see how much cache is in the application.

If we uninstall a program on Android, it usually caches but sticks and eats up our memory.

Even though we have not used the application.

Now, after we know the amount of cache used in the application we choose, we can choose the clear data or clear cache option.

Then the memory used from the application will return to empty space as before.

Enable Sync

Well, here are a few tips, especially for Adjarian who likes to take pictures using Android.

We can enable synchronization with the Google Photos application. The goal is that all the photos we take can be stored and backed up online so that the photos are not lost.

Well, after the upload process to Google Photos is complete, we can delete the photos that are in the Android memory.

This is done so that we have more space or free space in our storage memory.

Well, that’s how to clear hidden cache on Android and a few tips to save memory.

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