Everyone must vote richard Brown November 6!

Nothing will change unless you vote FOR change!

If you do not vote for Richard Brown November 6, our district,our city, may not survive.  More and more persons are leaving the area, and the Louisville 2040 plan calls for even more divestiture of the area.  

The establishment has been in power for 50 years, and look what they have done to our wonderful neighborhoods.  We have prostitutes on our street corners, drug dealers abound, used needles in our yards, panhandlers menacing our seniors, litter everywhere, jobs leaving Metro Louisville and jobs being created outside of Metro Louisville.  We have vagrants living under our expressways, squatting in vacant houses and defecating on our sidewalks.  

My opponent is just more of the same: crime, depreciation, and apathy until the next election.  

Neighborhoods are people, and our people deserve better.   You must vote Richard Brown on November 6, or things will only get worse.

Our district has been abandoned by our leaders!

There are no Target stores or Olive Garden restaurants.  We have a shortage of barber shops, banks, sit-down restaurants, and jobs.   Our insurance rates are almost twice as expensive compared to other districts because of the crime.   Our property values are sinking.  

My opponent has no answers.  He said it himself.  

All of us in District 15 deserve better.

Richard Brown is the only candidate with a plan!

On August 13, 2018, the establishment candidate was asked for his plan to fix the parking, drugs, crime and other problems in our district at the Oakdale Neighborhood Association meeting.  His exact words were: "I have no answers."  He has no website; he has no answers; he has no vision; he has no interest, except about the committees he wants to occupy.  This election is not about us; to him, it's about him.  

You've seen this website.  You've seen seen the signs.  You've met Richard.  You've seen his endorsements.  If you want change, you must vote Richard Brown for Metro Council on November 6.